Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Eyes Wide Shut...Animal Abuses

Choosing to be ignorant, and keeping your eyes wide shut can no longer be an option after reading Karen Dawn's eye opening book, Thanking the Monkey. I was poised to write a long review about this book and the god awful ways in which animals are mistreated, tested upon and tortured each and every day, but a writer for the Isthmus Daily Page has done the work for me. (Check out the link below)

I urge you to read not only the book review, but to pick up this quick read and enlighten yourself to the exploitation of animals as small as mice to large beautiful elephants. Covering everything from the awful living conditions in zoos, to graphic details of animal use in testing products (many times giving their life while doing so) such as laundry detergent and shampoo, solely for our convenience. It is a disgrace that in the year 2009 these archaic practices are still going on. It is no longer an option to keep our eyes wide shut.

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