Monday, February 23, 2009

Skinny Bitch? Why yes, thank you!


Vixens Vote= RAVE READ!

Skinny Bitch... Who wouldn't want to be called a 'skinny bitch' by a group of envious friends? A different connotation however is implied, when you read the pages of this eye opening book. This ultra-informative, super sassy, slap into reality, read delves into the life and lie of the modern day carnivore. Most of us have been there, giving no thought as to what we are REALLY putting into our bodies...the endless ingredient lists staring at us as we try to work our way through the unrecognizable words,...hydrogenatedsulfidacewhat? Monosodiumglutamatewho? Who thought that putting all of these chemicals and by products into our food was a good idea? Someone who thinks fat and unhealthy is beautiful. Dive into this read and discover all of the hidden products and chemicals in the food you take in on a daily basis. Find out what life is like for the animals that end up on your plate, you'll be shocked, horrified and tossed into reality...You may start to think about every bite you take in a different light, and maybe you too will become a skinny bitch. A perfect launching book for the start of the change you need to your life!

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