Saturday, February 7, 2009

Meat: Does a Body Bad

This used to be my typical weekend or even weekday. Meat, meat and more meat. Oh, how I used to love my meat. That is until I met my meat... Now, how I loathe the meat. I loathe the meat because I love the animals that it comes from. I loathe the meat because of the havoc that is wreaking on the world, our bodies and even our souls. It is our mission to encourage and enlighten you on your journey from the disgusting distasteful world of meat to a happier brighter place. Your body will do more for you, your conscience will rest easier, the environment will owe you for a change and your animal friends will no longer attack you. No guarantees of course, but at the very least, you can rest easy knowing that you have started on a happy path which will lead to a clean bill of health. On a side note, you will get asked a million questions by friends, family and even strangers. They will think it is impossible, strange, foreign, even, heaven help us, unhealthy. This deeply saddens us because not too long ago, we used to be oblivious and ignorant to an unseen and unspoken of world. Sadly, meat is so ingrained in our diets many of us don't know any other way. We worry about what we will eat. We wonder how you can possibly feed a family without meat on the center of the plate. Never fear! We are here to help! We will be posting recipes of both vegan and vegetarian variety, book reviews, restaurant reviews, product reviews and anything else you may need on this fabulous life transformation. Here's to your heart and body health, helping the environment and cleaning your conscience! Welcome friends, enemies, browsers and non-believers. We have a lot to learn together!

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