Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Few Fast Facts

  • More than 7 billion animals die yearly just from human consumption.
  • Cows contribute to global warming due to the amount of fossil fuels it takes to maintain a meat diet. It takes 3 times more fuel than it does to produce a vegetarian diet.
  • A man who eats meat has a 50% greater chance of dying from a heart attack. A man who does not eat meat only has a 15% chance of dying from a heart attack.
  • Women who eat eggs 3 times or more per week have a risk that is 3 times higher to develop ovarian cancer than those women who consume eggs less than once a week.
  • 660,000 animals are murdered in the USA every hour for their flesh!
  • Only drink milk if your goal is to become as fat as you possibly can! The purpose of cow's milk is to fatten up calves at an accelerated rate so that they can survive the winter. As far as your bones go, milk does not add to your long term calcium deposits. It actually drains it because of an acidic reaction in your stomach and your body retrieves the base elements it needs from your bones to break it down. Be wary of the message sent you by the media! This is milk marketing at it's best! Ladies, if you wish to avoid Osteoporosis, do NOT drink your 3 glasses of milk a day!
  • If you are starting a vegetarian diet, you may want to think about taking a B12 supplement. Be sure to consult with your doctor!
  • If 3 Wisconsin girls who were raised on meat and tons of dairy can switch to a vegetarian lifestyle, YOU CAN TOO!

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  1. Thank you Alice in Dairyland for making the children of Wisconsin think they have to drink 3 glasses a day to be healthy...NOT!