Sunday, February 22, 2009

Watch Earthings

Watch Earthlings

From Earthlings, "Earthlings is a documentary that will forever change the way you look at your food and make you think about the things you always chose to ignore."

Sometimes seeing is believing. Though I have read many books on slaughterhouses and cried myself to sleep at night, this documentary shows you firsthand the pain and suffering of so many animals, all at the hands of humans. I think the most upsetting fact is just as the caption to the documentary states, "that you always chose to ignore." Most of the meat eaters I know are fully aware of how upsetting, disturbing and inhumane slaughterhouses are, yet they continue to sit down to their flesh laden meals. If you are aware of this, how with any sort of conscious can you continue to support this horrid industry? Take a cue from Earthlings, if humans had to slaughter their own meat, most people would be vegetarians. Watch this, and let it become ingrained in your mind. Knowledge is power, don't ignore where your food is coming from any longer.

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