Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Get the Lowdown on that Naughty Word...FAT!

So much is written about fat. Being fat, feeling fat, full of fat, fat ass...What is it about fat that consumes our every thought? Besides the fact that we want to look our best, we need to be concerned about the types of fat that are going in to our bodies so that we also feel our best. Do we need fat to survive? Here's a closer look at this most hated word!

The Good...

* Fats are vital to your health. They transport oxygen to every cell in your body, and they are the basis for every hormone, brain, and nervous system function. *Sources of good fats come from nuts, seeds, egg yolks, fish, olives and unrefined oils. *Fats are the chemically active part of your cell membranes. Without them, nothing works. *All fats are a mixture. The good fats contain small amounts of bad fat, and the bad fats contain small amounts of good fat.
The Bad...

*With the wrong fats, you eat up to 6 times more in order to get the right fats. *The issue is not how much fat you consume, it's how much of the good fat you consume, and how much of the bad. *The right fats protect you from cancer. The wrong fats allow it, in part because they compromise the integrity of the cell membrane.
The Ugly...

*The bad fats result from high-heat commercial processing. They include trans fats, cross-linked fatty acids, double-bond shifted fatty acids, and dozens of other compounds that do not occur in nature. *Sources of bad fats include refined oils, partially hydrogenated oils, shortening, and commercially deep-fried foods. *Because vegetable oil is chemically active, it is harmed the most by heat.

How to get the good fats in...Dip bread in unrefined oil. Use with vinegar for a salad dressing. Add to soup just before serving. You don't want to cook with unrefined oils because they smoke really quickly. For cooking, use butter, coconut oil, and other naturally saturated oils that aren't harmed by heat. Butter, in particular, is a short-chain saturated fat that your body burns easily. Here's to your "good" fat self.

To find more enlightening information on fat, where it comes from and what they do to it before it's put into our food, please visit www.treelight.com/health

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