Sunday, March 8, 2009

Review... Comet Cafe in Milwaukee

Comet Cafe
1947 N Farwell Ave

Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 273-7677

This was a solo test drive that I undertook this weekend. My boyfriend is in charge of dog/house-sitting in Bay View, so I finally got to dine at Comet Cafe which I've been itching to try for the last 3 months. My anticipation and excitement to eat there was certainly justified. It was late by the time we finally made it so my hunger was intense.

First Impression:
The very first thought that crossed my mind when entering was that this place was hopping! It was a pleasant, busy commotion, and was filled with people of all ages and walks of life. The second thing that came to my mind was that Madison should be filled with places like this, but it doesn't have anything that even comes close. I wish that State Street was filled with independently owned sandwich/bar/coffee shops. However, it's filled with Starbucks, KFC, Taco Bell, Chin's and many other chains in addition to the few independent restaurants. Comet Cafe has a unique, no fuss, no muss atmosphere. There are many choices of micro brews as well as wines, with lots of local ingredients and brews to the Wisconsin area. It is a member of OUR MILWAUKEE, a local business alliance whose goal is keep Milwaukee unique. They succeed very well in doing just that!

After barely perusing the menu, I decided on the Vegan Gyro for $8. Since giving up meat, a gyro is the one thing I have been consistently craving. (I just always had to envision the poor little lamb being killed for my selfish taste buds to put that desire at bay.) However, I was so pleasantly surprised by the amazingly spiced seitan slices, cucumber dip, lettuce, onion and tomato on flat bread. My boyfriend even seemed surprised at how good it tasted (he's a meat-eater). I ordered the seasoned fries as my side, and while they were pretty good, they were way too seasoned for me. I love my salt, but it was a bit much for my tastes. I think because we were kind of late diners, I might have gotten what was left on the bottom. I'll definitely give them another try some other day.

Ryan ordered the Mac 'n Cheese with Chili for $10, which as a very pleasant surprise, was vegetarian. The chili was meatless. Though I've been trying to cut back on my cheese consumption, my sampling of it made me think, delicious and wonderful comfort food of gooey goodness. The chili definitely helped perk up the taste and give it some zip.

We shared a bottle of New Glarus Raspberry Tart beer and that was our after dinner dessert. I cannot wait to revisit and try more from their menu. The salads, sandwiches and comfort food dishes looked so enticing! I was so happy to see many of the things I often crave as vegetarian or vegan options such as: Vegan Ribs, Mashed Potatoes and Gravy, Meatless Meatloaf, Vegan Salisbury Steak, BLT and many more! Though I didn't order dessert, they have a wide selection of vegan pies and cakes available for all you sweet-toothed diners out there.

~ a happy, upbeat, community restaurant. Its motto of "Slow Food," is very refreshing in the fast food world we live in. It could be described as very chic but with a homey spin. Lots of intimate booths and tables, both bar side and restaurant side, fill the space. It's also filled with unique art and photography, and the lighting and friendliness from everyone definitely makes you want to stay for drinks at the bar. Since I'll soon be moving to Milwaukee, I have to say, I'm very excited at the prospect of numerous Vegetarian and Vegan restaurant options that are unique to the city. Madison should take note! Great prices, great homemade comfort food with local ingredients and products when possible can't be beat. Highly recommended, it is a place I will definitely visit again and again!

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