Monday, May 25, 2009

Brasserie V- Madison, WI

Brasserie V
1923 Monroe Street
Madison, WI 53711

This has become my most favorite restaurant in Madison. I have never had something on the menu that I did not LOVE and I mean LOVE. It is a casual, but seemingly upscale restaurant with an incredible selection of beer. The first experience there, I had my most intense foodgasm with the Apple & Provolone Sandwich. I have since recreated this sandwich from home many times with equal satisfaction. It is tucked away on Monroe Street, and prior to hearing about the restaurant, I had walked by it several times without knowing what it was.

I was turned onto this restaurant by Picky Pepper, who raved about the Cucumber & Cream Cheese Sandwich. So the three of veg vixens made it a lunch date back in January, and since then, I have been back there once a month. It's very difficult for me not to order the same thing that I know I love so dearly, but I have always been pleased when I try something new. However, I have only been to Brasserie V for lunch, never dinner yet. I love the lunch menu, even with just a few choices, it's often very difficult for me to choose what to eat. I love the Baby Spinach Salad, Grilled Portobello, the Muffaletta (without meat of course), and of course, being the salt lover that I am, I also love the Frites. The sides have never been disappointing and in my visits have ranged from a fresh cucumber salad, to a carrot curry soup, a potato and leek soup and a delicious quiona spring salad. Each time extremely full of flavor and very satisfying.

I'm anxious to go there for dinner to try two salads, the Pear & Brie and the Tarragon & Radish salads. The one downside to dinner, is that the vegetarian options for dinner are more limited than at lunch.

All in all, the staff is extremely friendly and knowledgable, plus the service in my five visits has always been excellent. They use local ingredients when available and take good food very seriously. The beer selection is impressive, if not overwhelming, even for a beer drinking Wisconsin girl. I cannot recommend this place strongly or highly enough. I'm a huge fan.

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