Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Chain Champ: Flat Top Grill

538 N. Midvale Blvd.
Madison, WI 53705
Phone: 608-236-0500


2751 N. Mayfair Road
Wauwatosa, WI 53222
Phone: 414-258-7676

I should preface this review by saying, Flat Top is not a national chain (yet?). It is located in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana currently. I was introduced to Flat Top Grill for the first time in Chicago with two girlfriends over two years ago. Then, I was thrilled to find out that Madison opened the restaurant in Hilldale and now I found out Wauwatosa has a location in Mayfair, which is exciting since I'll be moving to Milwaukee in less than a month!

Flat Top has always been a flavor explosion when I go. It's fun to try new sauce combinations, and I've never had the same meal twice (even when I've tried). I love the Roti Prata bread that you get with the blue stick and add a brown stick, and you get deliciously browned tofu. Yum! The greatest thing about Flat Top, is the fact that my carnivore boyfriend is happy and so am I. I love the great selection of fresh veggies, brown and white rice, noodles, tofu and the sauce choices. My bowl is usually heaping and a struggle to finish. My second time there, it was a struggle because I made it so damn spicy I thought I was going to die. (The waiter helped me fix that before I sweated out the joint).

What I don't love about Flat Top, the price for dinner... A bowl, while extremely satisfying and filling, is $13.00 for dinner (unless you have a student ID, in which case, you get a $2 discount). I love the lunch price, which is under $10.00. Despite the fact you get up and fill your own bowl, then sit and are served your bowl once it's cooked stir-fry style, you still need to tip (and I hope you are all nice tippers). So, if you get a drink, it can get a little pricey for rice and veggies. You can also pay a buck or two more to get the endless bowls (which I cannot imagine finishing more than one) but you have to pay extra to take your leftovers. I enjoy having all those choices so much, that it's worth the price once and awhile.

The best part about Flat Top is that you can have an incredible vegan meal without giving the waiter the third degree about ingredients and explaining that yes, even butter is an animal product. Overall, a place I will continue to go and dine. Plus, it's a restaurant that can please just about anybody.

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  1. I'll admit that I was very adverse to trying this place out. To my surprise they've got something for everyone. I like it because it allows me to choose/create my own meal rather than shyly requesting they leave something out.

    I still think their dinner menu is very over priced, but for lunch it's a great choice.