Sunday, May 10, 2009

How do you Dine?

Recently while out to lunch with my boyfriend, my sister, two of my cousins and a boyfriend of my cousin, we all started to pass around the food and sample everyone's food. This is how I grew up, everyone passing, sharing, sampling and often just grabbing off of someone else's plate without asking. So, this seemed to be very normal behavior to my sister and my cousins and me. However, to the two boyfriends, this seemed ridiculous and even somewhat annoying. The boys claimed that no other families do what we do. That when they go out to eat, everyone keeps their food to themselves and that's that. Getting into a little debate about what was better or more normal, I decided that I'd try to post something about this and get feedback from innocent strangers.

Personally, I'm biased as I love to try as many things on a menu as possible, since there is such a wide variety of foods I love. However, my boyfriend claims he knows what he wants and that's why he orders what he wants and he likes to keep it to himself. I've been out to eat with teachers and friends and generally, we all pass around things to share and enjoy several things at once. I have given up this habit with my boyfriend since he's a meat eater and I no longer am. (I think it pleases him greatly that I no longer wish to try his meal).

So, the question to all of you, are you a sharer or keep-to-yourself diner? Let me know, as I'm really hoping to settle this debate once and for awhile and prove that there are more people out there like my family and me. Perhaps, though, I am crazy and it isn't normal dining behavior...


  1. I vote share! That's how my friends and I order.

  2. This is tough. I like to try others' food, but have a harder time giving mine up . . . and I only had one sibling, it's not as if I had to fight for my share. I am getting better about the sharing, especially if I like what others have ordered! :) I don't think sharing is weird at all, though I understand where the "boyfriends" are coming from.