Monday, May 25, 2009

Hubbard Street Diner - Middleton, WI

Hubbard Street Diner
7445 Hubbard Ave

Middleton, WI 53562
(608) 831-6800

As a nice Memorial Weekend brunch on Sunday, my parents, my boyfriend and I headed to downtown Middleton and had a very lovely brunch. Here's what was ordered:
  • My mom had the Spicy Szechuan Salad with marinated portobello mushrooms in place of grilled chicken.
  • My dad ordered the Daily Double, two eggs (over-hard), two buckwheat pancakes and two sausage patties :(
  • Ryan had the Breakfast Quesadilla which was spicy black beans, scrambled eggs, salsa, cheddar cheese all folded in a flour tortilla with hash browns.
  • Since I'm not big on breakfast foods, I ordered the Mid-town Portobello Sandwich, which was a marinated portobello, peppers, onions and Monterey Jack cheese on focaccia bread with pesto aioli (a new favorite sandwich spread of mine).
Out of everything that was ordered, my mom's salad was my favorite. Full of flavor, spice and deliciousness. My dad's pancakes were fantastic and very hearty. Ryan's quesadilla was good, but not enough flavor and spice for me, plus it's something you could very easily make at home. My sandwich was delicious, very flavorful and scrumptious. My only compliant on my sandwich was that the portobello mushroom was so marinated that it was almost too much (pretty salty and very juicy) and somewhat of a drippy mess. However, it was still fantastic flavor. This diner is famous for pie, which we didn't even consider because we were left so full from our brunch. Plus, I'm not big on sweets, more a salty girl, so it didn't appeal to me that much. Though, the carmel apple walnut pie did look enticing, along with the carrot cake. So, perhaps, this will become our next dessert stop when the meal isn't filling enough. Overall, everyone seemed very happy with their food and I'd definitely go back again, since there were plenty of veggie choices and prices are fairly reasonable. If you are a dessert lover, this is probably a place for you to be!

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